High precision control in the industry
  - ECMA series Servo Motors feature incremental encoder with 20-bit resolution (1280000 pulses/revolution).
     Existing functions to meet the requirements from delicate process have been enhanced and stable rotation
     at low speed has also been achieved.
  - Absolute type encoder is supported. Homing position will not get lost when power is cut off.
     (External battery case for absolute encoder is easy to install and use.)
  - The external battery power is 4.5VDC.
     Note: Servo motors with absolute encoders are under development.
 Outstanding response characteristic
  - 1kHz frequency response.
  - Settling time below 1ms.
  - 10ms acceleration time from -3000r/min to 3000r/min when running without load.
 Superior vibration suppression for wide variety of applications
  - Built-in automatic low-frequency vibration suppression (for crane control): two vibration
    suppression filters are provided to minimize the vibration at machine edges automatically and
  - Built-in automatic high-frequency resonance suppression: two auto notch filters are provided to
    suppress the mechanical resonance automatically.
  - Resonance points can be monitored upon FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) function of ASDA-A2-
    Soft tuning software so as to complete the suppression more precisely.
 Full closed-loop control (Capable of reading second feedback signals)
  - Built-in position feedback interface (CN5) is able to read second feedback signals from motor encoder and send the  
    current position back to the drive to form a full closed-loop control system so that high accuracy position control can be accomplished.
  - Reduce the effects of mechanical imperfections such as backlash and flexibility to ensure the
    position precision at machine edges.
 Flexible internal position procedure mode (Pr mode)
  - ASDA-A2-Soft tuning software provides internal parameter editing function for the users to define
    the path of each axis freely.
  - Pr mode offers 64 internal positions for continuous motion control.
  - Destination position, speed and acceleration & deceleration command could be changed in the
    middle of operation.
  - 35 kinds of homing modes are available.
 Unique built-in electronic cam (E-CAM) function
  - Up to 720 E-CAM points.
  - Smooth interpolation between points can be completed automatically to yield a flexible
  - ASDA-A2-Soft tuning software provides electronic cam (E-CAM) profile editing function.
  - Applicable for rotary cut-off and flying shear applications.
 Real-time Capture and Compare functions
  - Capture function for high-speed pulses
  * Capable of capturing the instant position coordinate of the motion axis, Response time is 5μs.
  * Suitable for digital color mark sensor applications.
  - Compare function for high-speed pulses
  * Capable of reaching preset position coordinate of motion axis and output pulses instantly,
     Response time is 5μs.
  * Applicable for the applications of industrial CCD camera.
 Fieldbus network communication (Support CANopen protocol)
  - Complies with CANopen DS301 standard–CAN bus communication speed is 1M bps.
  - 3 CAN motion modes (Profile Position Mode, Interpolation Position Mode, Homing Mode) are
    provided for CANopen DS402 implementation.
  - Station configuration can be set via parameter settings.
  - In conjunction with Delta’s PLC able to save on wiring and establish Delta fieldbus system
 Compact and slim design
  - Overall width is 40% thinner than ASDA-A series.
  - Compact size for side by side installation, requiring minimal space between units in a small
    enclosure (2mm).
 Versatile expandability
  - Extension port at right side of the servo drive is for connecting a variety of options to extend the
    functionality and meet the requirements of various applications.
 User-friendly communication interface
  - USB (type B) port is equipped as standard for fast and direct connection to PC.
  - Enhanced monitoring speed up to 1Mbps.


ASD-A2-2043-M AC Servo Drive 2KW 380VAC 3 Phase CANopen Standart

AC Servo Motor 2KW 20 Bit 2000rpm  9.55 N.m

ASD-CAEN1005 Encoder cable 5m
ASD-CAPW1005 Motor  cable 5m
ASD-CNSC0050 Control Socket


ASD-A2-3043-M AC Servo Drive 3KW 380VAC 3 Phase CANopen Standart

AC Servo Motor 3KW 20 Bit 1500rpm  19.1 N.m

ASD-CAEN1005 Encoder cable 5m
ASD-CAPW2205 Motor  cable 5m
ASD-CNSC0050 Control Socket


ASD-A2-4043-M AC Servo Drive 4.5KW 380VAC 3 Phase CANopen Standart

AC Servo Motor 4.5KW 20 Bit 1500rpm  28.65 N.m

ASD-CAEN1005 Encoder cable 5m
ASD-CAPW2205 Motor  cable 5m
ASD-CNSC0050 Control Socket
ASD-A2-5543-M AC Servo Drive 5.5KW 380VAC 3 Phase CANopen Standart

AC Servo Motor 5.5KW 20 Bit 1500rpm  35 N.m

ASD-CAEN1005 Encoder cable 5m
ASD-CAPW2205 Motor  cable 5m
ASD-CNSC0050  Control Socket
ASD-A2-7543-M AC Servo Drive 7.5KW 380VAC 3 Phase CANopen Standart

AC Servo Motor 7.5KW 20 Bit 1500rpm  47.75 N.m

ASD-CAEN1005 Encoder cable 5m
ASD-CAPW3205 Motor  cable 5m
ASD-CNSC0050  Control Socket
TPA-CB03 CANopen Cable
ASD-CARS0003 Communication Cable


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