Automation Training

PLC Training Subject Topics

Basic PLC Training Subjects


  • Company Introduction, DELTA CD Explanation 
  • PLC definition, PLC Types, I/O Connections, Addressing
  • Ladder input/outputs and bit/data usage
  • Start/Stop, Lathed circuit and SET/RST commands usage
  • TMR, CNT usage, Timer types, Sample programs
  • Ladder diagram rules and features, PLC Program scan operation
  • MOV data transfer command and sample applications
  • CMP and in contact comparasion commands with sample applications
  • INC, DEC, ALT commands usage, sample applications
  • ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV four operation commands usage
  • Sample Applications

Advanced PLC Training Subjects

  • High Speed Inputs, encoder connection and usage
  • High speed outputs usage
  • PLC --> AC Drive, Tempereture control…etc communication
  • Analog input/output and temperature modules usage
  • PID application with PLC
  • Indirect adressing and using bits as data

DOP - HMI Training Subject Topics

Basic HMI Training Subjects

  • DELTA HMI Types
  • HMI products technical features
  • HMI selection
  • Installing Screen Editor HMI software
  • Usage of Screen Editor software
  • PC HMI download and upload applications
  • HMI PC/PLC connection types
  • HMI software Project design
  • Button, Indicator, Go to screen, Value Input, Value Display and other elements usage into the HMI
  • Picture management into HMI (Add/Remove Picture, Background Design, Picture on the Element)
  • Online/Offline Simulation usage
Advanced HMI Training Subjects
  • Recipe function usage on HMI
  • Alarm Managment on HMI
  • History, Sampling, Trend controls on HMI
  • Multi language support of HMI (All Windows supported languages)
  •  Programming HMI using Macro Commands (Four operation, logic, comparasion, word/byte operation, communication makros and others)
Servo Training Subject Topics
  • Introduction of ASDA-Servo drives
  • Servo Types
  • Main differences between servo products
  • Power Ranges
  • Input voltages
  • Connections and Parameter/Menu usage 
  • Operation modes operation and explanation
  • Homming methods
  • ASDA – Servo Software introduction
  • DOP/PLC – Servo Communication Applications
** All trainings are free !!!
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